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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Research Group of Ecosystem Analysis and Simulation

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Fagus sylvatica in spring
disturbed forest in Mongolia

Welcome to the EASI Lab!

In the research group of Ecosystem Analysis and Simulation, we aim to understand the dynamics of ecosystems in space and time and to answer societally relevant questions that arise in the context of current ecological challenges such as climate change and biodiversity loss. To this end, we use statistical analyses of ecological data at local, regional, and global scales and the integration of such data into process-based vegetation and ecosystem models.

One research focus of the group is forest ecosystems, which form a critical part of the global ecosphere and are particularly affected by environmental change due to their longevity. Currently, we are particularly engaged in the research areas of 1) forest ecosystems in transition and 2) biodiversity mechanisms and species coexistence.

Webmaster: Juniorprofessor Lisa Hülsmann

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